Slotervaart voor elkaar encapsulates our vision - the new Slotervaart is a multi-purpose space with a mix of services and functions for everyone. It is conceived as an open urban area where people and their needs come first, and where accessibility is for all. A living place where caring, working, living, learning, relaxing and meeting all come together, with park-like gardens that contribute to a pleasant environment for residents and visitors. Slotervaart is in essence a place for everyone.

Slotervaart as an urban village and lively meeting place

At Slotervaart, we focus on care and health. A healthy and pleasant life is about feeling, happiness, comfort, social interaction, and safety. That is why we want to work together to create a place where everyone feels at home, a nice and green neighbourhood. An inclusive and sustainable environment: with affordable housing, space for coffee bars, cafes, restaurants, culture, creativity, and lots of green. A creative incubator where social entrepreneurs will form a new dynamic that brings communities together. Special and promising initiatives; all in one neighbourhood, a place for everyone.

Working together from the core - Louwes Lab

One of the initiatives that finds its home in Slotervaart, is Louwes Lab. Slotervaart Louwes Lab is a place for countless initiatives. A breeding ground for artists and social entrepreneurs who focus on care and design. It is also a training centre for the next generation of care professionals: the ROC van Amsterdam will also move into Slotervaart to offer Zorg & Welzijn mbo courses – Health & Welfare post-secondary vocational education. It will also be a meeting place with social and cultural programming for the neighbourhood. Casa Sofia – also part of Slotervaart Louwes Lab –, opens its doors as a multifunctional and cultural meeting place for the neighbourhood, creative entrepreneurs, and visitors and workers at Slotervaart. Slotervaart Louwes Lab cannot be categorised with one label. It provides endless connection possibilities in Slotervaart.