The former Slotervaart Hospital was renowned as an exceptional hospital, providing quality healthcare. Zadelhoff will breathe new life into this former hospital. Increasing its social function, with additional layers of care, both now and in the future. Care has been given a new impulse in Amsterdam Slotervaart - with a modern, high-quality, and affordable vision for care-work-live.

From heritage to future - opportunities for care, the neighbourhood, and the city

The former Slotervaart Hospital will not be lost to Amsterdam. By respecting the heritage of the original location, Zadelhoff extends an open invitation to everyone to participate. In the iconic Cross Building, there is a mix of functions, including space to those who are looking for social housing. In the 1970s, Amsterdam explicitly designed the Slotervaart Hospital for Amsterdammers with a limited budget. By preserving this social role, Slotervaart is again the place where affordability and accessibility can be taken for granted.

Het project ontwikkelen we van hoofd naar hart, van erfgoed naar toekomst, van ziekte naar gezondheid, van ego naar eco en van winst naar waarde.
Cor van Zadelhoff,
Oprichter Zadelhoff Beheer

High-quality reuse and recycling instead of demolition

We see making such a large 1970s building attractive and popular again, as our greatest contribution to a circular economy. So, instead of demolition, as happens to a lot of architecture from that era, we chose to save it. The Cross Building is a treasure trove of raw materials and still has so much to offer after its thorough renovation.

With an emphasis on beautiful, functional, and solid, Slotervaart has been restored to a healthy building, while carefully addressing what is good for people and their environment.