Only healthy living has a future. Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg creates space again for care and health. An inviting location where caring, living, entrepreneurship, learning, creating, enjoying, inspiring and innovating are all connected. Caring is at the core of humanity. It connects the future of everything and everyone. At Slotervaart – we care for each other.

A new care dynamic

Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg provides a home to a wide range of care institutions that meet the needs of society - a combination of cure and care, residential care, primary and secondary care, prevention, diagnosis, e-health, and day treatment.

The newly opened Gezondheidscentrum – Health Centre – offers space for first-line care providers. In the new and welcoming entrance area, there is a homely atmosphere where you can wait for your appointment or have a cup of coffee. There will be close cooperation between Slotervaart Gezondheidscentrum and Slotervaart Centrum Voor Zorg.

In Louwes Lab, various disciplines including care, biotech, R&D, innovation, design, culture, and education all come together. This dynamic, in a single building, makes the Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg project unique and progressive.

– We zetten in op synergie en interactie. Met een bedrijfsverzamelgebouw voor de zorg en dat met anderhalvelijnszorg, is iets volstrekt nieuws.
Geertjen Pot,
Directeur Centrum voor Zorg

High-quality and accessible care

Slotervaart Centrum voor Zorg offers organisations, care providers and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish themselves and work together under one roof. We encourage effective cooperation between the various (care) disciplines and ensure that all the facilities and infrastructure are available so that everyone can work comfortably and feel at home.

Towards the care of the future

Health, well-being, and sustainability have become essential basic conditions for our society, for ourselves and for future generations. We are responding to this by transforming the former Slotervaart Hospital into a pleasant and homely environment: a location that meets the requirements of our time – and those of the future. This demands more space; for professionals who bring innovation, a digital transformation and initiatives that stimulate technology in healthcare. The future of healthcare that is welcoming and affordable for everyone – regardless of background or origin.